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Manhattan-New York City

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Speakeasy Restaurants & Bars

Hudson Clearwater - A speakeasy restaurant serving cocktails and American fare in Greenwich Village. Look for the old green door at 447 Hudson St, NY One of the best...

Chumley's - An original speakeasy started in 1922, visited by some of NYC's best literati such as Edna St. Vincent Millay, William Faulkner, and E.E. Cummings. Step into history behind a thick, wooden door at 86 Bedford St, NY.

The Back Room - The only other authentic speakeasy in NYC from the roaring twenties; this is everything a speakeasy should be, from the obscure gate (Lower East Side Toy Company) to the secret bookcase door, to the red velvet wing-backed chairs and sofas or the chandeliers. The gangsters are gone, but some of the biggest names in entertainment today show up for special events, including Adele and Sir Paul McCartney. Through the toy company gate, down the alley, up the stairs. Cocktails in teacups, beer in brown bags. Go through the bookcase to get to the VIP lounge. 102 Norfolk St, NY

Bohemian - Go behind the butcher shop at 57 Great Jones St, New York,  for this referral-only East Village Japanese food hideaway. No friends to refer you? Click the link...

Angel's Share - A classy East Village cocktail bar, tucked away behind an unmarked door at the front of Village Yokocho at 8 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY 10003

Attaboy - An industrial looking cocktail speakeasy hidden at 134 Eldridge St, NY. Remember to use the knock-and-buzz combo for admittance.

PDT (Please Don't Tell) - The entrance is the best part. This cocktail club is tucked behind an old phone booth inside Crif Dogs in East Village. Lift the phone receiver and the back wall of the booth will be opened to let you in. Reservations suggested. 113 St Marks Pl, NY

Employees Only - This classic, prohibition styled cocktail bar for those who like vintage style. Go through the fortune teller's foyer to find it. One of the most popular in the city, clandestinely stowed at 510 Hudson St, NY.

Dear Irving - Time travel back to an elegant golden age at this cocktails and food gem, to be found at 55 Irving Pl, NY or a different version at 310 West 40th Street. They also do cocktail classes. Reservations suggested. 

Bar Centrale - Behind an unremarkable and unmarked brownstone door, an old apartment was converted into a speakeasy. This is where some of the best talent of live theatre go after curtain calls. 324 W 46th St, NY

Bathtub Gin - Of all the gin joints in the world... this one comes complete with a big brass bathtub, cocktails, and new American cuisine. Jazz and burlesque some nights as well. Sneak straight into the 1920's at 132 9th Avenue, NY: Go into the tiny coffee shop, find the hidden door, and step back in time.

Bo Peep - Inside The Ragtrader, this NY Moulin Rouge-esque, lavish red plush, fringe edged, vintage lamp-lit speakeasy features live piano music at 70 W 36th St, NY

Garfunkel's Speakeasy - Gatsby might have just walked out of this intimate, cozy, charming vintage spot. Enter through the bank vault door in The Burgery restaurant, old sport. There's a dress code, and you'll want a reservation. 67 Clinton Street

The Campbell - Hidden in the southwest corner of Grand Central Station is this elegant and ageless bit of art deco history. Food and cocktails in a distinctive atmosphere. 15 Vanderbilt Avenue (off 43rd Street). Dress code and reservations suggested.

67 Orange Street - A Harlem speakeasy with everything from gin to absinthe. Cocktails and food, found at 2082 Frederick Douglass Blvd. NY

Macao Trading Co. - An Eurasian infusion of old world brothels, opium dens, and Portuguese and Chinese foods, this speakeasy restaurant & bar is in a word, exotic, or perhaps erotic. 311 Church St. NY - on the ground floor, look for the red lantern.

Banzarbar - For those who crave true adventure and indulge in history and travel, this speakeasy, based off an arctic mission in 1929 is the ultimate cool. Click on the link for specific entrance instructions: upstairs at Freemans restaurant, end of Freemans alley.

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