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The House Game

Welcome to The House Game!

Below you will find 15 clues to answer two questions. Every fact must be taken into account to determine the answers and win the game!

There are five houses. In each house lives a man of a certain nationality, who has his favorite drink, his favorite game, and his own unusual pet. To win,  you must discover the answers to these questions:


1. Which man drinks diet soda?

2. Which man owns a spider monkey?

Here are your clues!

1. There are five houses in a row, each having a different color.

2. The Englishman lives in the red house.

3. The green house is to the right of the white house.

4. The Italian owns a guppy.

5. Lemonade is drunk in the green house.

6. The Swede drinks coffee.

7. The man who plays backgammon owns a toad.

8. The man who plays racquetball lives in the yellow house.

9. The man in the middle house drinks milk.

10. The Russian lives in the first house.

11. The man next door to the man who plays quoits, owns a camel.

12. The man who owns the rat lives next to the man who plays racquetball.

13. The man who plays solitaire drinks vodka.

14. The man who plays charades is American.

15. The Russian lives next door to the blue house.

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