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The Birth Of A Bold Traveler

Welcome! Have a tea or coffee and take the nickle tour. Moxie was sitting at a desk one day, more than a decade ago, and decided that she wanted to go see Boston. She hadn't ever been to Boston, and when the thought moved through her mind, it took hold somewhere, and well... you know how it works when an idea takes hold of your mind. It seeps down into it, and then slips into your heart, and your dreams, and then it manifests itself into Change in your life. That's how ideas work. Before you could blink, she was on a plane flying two thousand miles into the sunset, alone, to a place she had never been before. There was an electric mix of excitement and fear, tinged with anxiety. It was a very rocky beginning in Boston, but Moxie regrouped and found a way to make it work, and the rest of it turned out so well that Moxie fell in love with the city forever.

Experiencing an adventure like that, wandering through strange streets alone and finding one's way, is something that awakens every sense and heightens it to its fullest. It charges every cell and it feels almost overwhelming; like swimming in deep water for the first time. It can take your breath away and make you feel totally, completely alive. The trip was a metaphor for Moxie's life. Little things, big things, and the whole picture. Beginnings can be challenging, but determination coupled with grace and strength will see one through to unimaginable successes.

One of the key elements of succeeding is in relying not only on oneself to find solutions and create possibilities, but also in trusting others to assist and support a person along the way, be it in advice, directions, or even a simple kindness. These moments shared with others enrich the lives of both the giver and receiver, and effect an improved outcome. Moxie began traveling more and more frequently, and the destinations continued to be further from home; not always alone, but always with that sense of adventure and an insatiable hunger for the horizon. Every time she talked to other women about her journeys, their response would be that they wished they could travel, they shared dreams of places they wanted to walk in, things they wanted to see and do in foreign lands, and invariably, they would conclude with a reason that it could not happen. "I wish I could, but..."

It was after hearing this several times that Moxie decided it was time to help women everywhere to resolve their reasons for not being able to travel, and to get out into the world and GO. Most of the reasons were based out of a lack of resources or knowledge. Some were based out of misconceptions that travel is always expensive, or that women shouldn't travel alone, or that to travel to an unknown place is too complicated. Having overcome all of these situations and so many more, Moxie realized that her experience and knowledge would enable other women to reach the dreams and goals they had. All over the world.

Got-Moxie began as a seedling idea and has evolved into a growing global resource for women who want to travel and haven't, for those who have traveled, and for those who won't travel but wish to support the communities they live in. It's for the novice and the pro, for anyone who has ever looked at a photograph of a distant place and felt stirrings in their heart, wishing that they could be there and experience it. As the Got-Moxie website grows, so will it's capability and the network of friends in every place who will use it.

Got-Moxie is so named, because any woman who goes out into the world has Got to have some Moxie!

If you have all the travel resources you need, all in one place, the only thing left to do is pack and head out the door.

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