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Los Angeles

Welcome to The City of Angels!

Perched on the Pacific Ocean, this huge city is one of the most popular destination cities in the USA. There is no end of fun and adventure to be had here. Nature provides opportunities for water play with boating, surfing, swimming, beaches, fishing, water skiing, SCUBA diving, and much more, there are places to go hiking, biking and running. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills is a fascinating draw to many people; seeing the Chinese Mann Theatre and stars along the sidewalks. Fine arts are abundant throughout the city, from symphony and opera to dance and world class museums like the Getty. Disneyland is a must see for families and friends alike! You will run out of time long before you run out of places to go and things to see. All of the information you'll need for these places and many more is found below. 

Got-Moxie will also help you explore beneath the surface of the beaten paths of this city to find those hidden gems that are a must see for travelers who want to discover the true pulse of the communities and wander away from the tourist attractions that everyone sees. 

There are countless cuisines to be found all over the city; both familiar and strange, so take a brave step and try something you've never had before!

L.A. is fairly spread out and it is typically easier to drive a car when visiting, but public transportation is an option for many areas.  No matter where you go, take sun screen and pack your sunglasses, the golden coast is waiting for you!


Love, Moxie!


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