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Weather & Ecology

Denver weather is mild, most of the year. It is said among the locals that because one can go from using a heater to using an air conditioner in one day, it's best to have layers of clothes, no matter the season. This city is located in what is called a high desert area, but it sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Denver has about 300 sunny days a year, the rest are rainy or snowy.


Hail season goes from the end of May through the end of July usually in the form of afternoon storms. If you are traveling in Denver during those months and renting a car, park it under cover so that you do not wind up turning a hail claim in on your insurance.  Wind in Denver is unusual, and not often much more than 7-9 miles an hour, unless there's a storm. Allergy sufferers find the most difficult months to be May/June and Sept/Oct.


One of the running jokes is the Denver T-shirt that states, "Got Oxygen?" Give yourself some time to acclimate if you are coming from lower elevations, and bring lotion; your skin will dry out. There is almost no humidity.


The mile-high city is also a green city. There are recycling projects throughout the community and definite opportunities to contribute to those by recycling or bicycling, using public buses and the lightrail or the free mall ride on the 16th St. Mall. 

Below are some links to current weather and annual weather, so that you can get an idea of what it will be like when you visit. The Rocky Mountains are a day trip from Denver, and are some of the best in the nation for camping and skiing, in the right season.

For annual temps in centigrade and farenheit & all annual weather info

For five and ten day forecasts

Annual Climate Information

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