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Techno Moxie

Techno in Denver is fairly easy. Any U.S. cell phone should work, but contact your carrier to find out about possible roaming charges for your plan. Coverage can be spotty in the mountains if you are planning to drive up into them, but if you are staying near the main I-70 interstate corridor, you should have coverage most of the time and if you don’t, there are small mountain towns dotted along the highway that could offer help should you need it.  There are also phone boxes on the highway for use in emergency situations.

If you have a Smartphone, you may be able to create your own hotspot for wireless internet service, and you should check with your phone company before you travel to set it up.

Most coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, hotels, B & B’s, train stations and airports have wi-fi and oftentimes it’s free, you might need to ask for a password to connect.

Here are some of Moxie’s favorite wi-fi hot spots in Denver:

1553 Platte Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 455-2451
Hours: Mon – Thu: 7am-1am
Fri: 7am-2am  Sat: 8am-2am  Sun: 8am-1am

~An old coffee shop in an old brick building that is a fundamental staple of Denver. This café has a wide array of neighbors that frequent the tables. Paris has patios in front and back, a coffee house on one side, a wine bar on the other and a room for local musicians to play to the patrons.  The featured artwork is done by locals and changes every couple of months or so.  Word to the wise… there are parking meters out front, but for those in the know, there is a parking lot behind the café that is accessible via an alley to the left of the café. Go into the café through the back door. The parking lot is free and your car won’t be towed if you park after 6pm.
Paris offers a sandwich/pizza/salad/dessert menu, and an extensive coffee/tea/bar/wine menu. Free wi-fi.


Moxie Recommends:
The chai, Mexicano coffee and cider are excellent, as are the wrap with chicken, the Eiffel sandwich, the cheese platter and all of the chocolate desserts.

238 South Broadway 
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 629-8331
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun  6am–1am
Fri-Sat  6am–3am

~A treasure trove hole in the wall; it has a deceptively narrow storefront which leads back to a deep set of rooms with couches, chairs, tables, and booths to accommodate the nearly constant flurry of traffic that keeps this place humming. Mostly old rock music, several coffee and tea varieties, talented baristas, and a small selection of sandwiches, bagels, salads, desserts, breads and ice cream.  Word to the wise… if you’ll be there a while, you can buy a bottomless cup of coffee so you’ll be able to get free refills for the duration of your visit. Please tip extra for that.

Moxie Recommends:
Earl Gray vanilla soy latte, the selection of breads and Earl Gray ice cream. Very good!

3484 West 32nd Avenue
Denver, CO
(303) 458-5248
Mon-Fri  6:30am–10pm
Sat-Sun  6:30am–11pm


1550 17th Street
Denver, CO
(303) 296-9248
Mon-Fri  6:30am–10pm
Sat-Sun  7:30am–9pm

Both set in trendy neighborhoods, you’ll find books, games, several tables, some food and dessert items and a wide array of coffee/tea varieties. Variety of music played over intercom.

Moxie Recommends:
Mexican chocolate or cinnamon ice cream, any of their several loose leaf teas in a personal tea pot.

On just about every other block in the Denver metro area, as well as several grocery stores and airports.  Many of the independent locations are drive thru and serve food.

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