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Who is Dash Hoffman?

In 2013 Dash decided to leave a lucrative desk job, give away nearly every possession, leave home forever, and go travel the world full time with nothing more than a carry-on suitcase, a laptop, and a camera. City after city, country after country, Dash has discovered that nearly the whole world is home. In that same amount of time, Dash took up writing novels and though nearly always a writer, being a novelist was new. Since becoming a full-time traveler, Dash has written and published over one hundred seventy books, though not all under the same name.


Unusually Dash

It typically takes Dash about a week to write a novel. That’s how Dash wrote over one hundred seventy books in six years, and is still adding to the list of novels published. Inspiration comes constantly, and it’s all Dash can do to keep up with it. The books published under the Dash Hoffman pseudonym are fantasy fiction aimed at a YA audience, though the biggest readership of this work is adult women. Escapism.


The world as an office

Traveling the world full time has given Dash extensive inspiration in every incredible destination visited. Those places and the people Dash meets end up in many of the books. The world is filled with infinite possibility and the only challenge is finding the time to write all the books Dash creates. There’s also no end of photographs created, some of which become book covers.



Dash has taught online classes on writing, inspiration, novel creation, and technique. It is also a cherished joy of Dash’s to visit students in schools to share a love of books, reading, and literacy, as well as unending imagination. Getting the students involved and inspired is key in fostering a passion for literature in them, and Dash loves to do just that. Happily, the students have enjoyed the visits just as much. “I have a new role model.” Said one young lady. “When are you coming back?” Asked a sixth-grade boy.


There are always new books and new destinations on the horizon. Explore the many worlds of Dash Hoffman and lose yourself in adventure!


Some of Dash Hoffman’s work:


Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal/Mrs. Perivale series

This book is the result of a viral meme requesting a series featuring an old woman, her attendant, and several cats who go on an epic journey to save a magical and dangerous world.

Plus a new magical creature.

Wish Granted.


The Starling Chronicles

Book One - The Starlings of Ramblewood

Fourteen-year-old Jules Starling embarks on a wild adventure through space and time with her brother Henry to save their kidnapped aunt. Along the way they are shanghaied by time pirates as they battle devious villains in far reaches of the universe.


The Wish Weaver

In the style of Aesop’s Fables and the Grimm Bros Fairytales, this story takes young Amias and his group of friends on a life changing quest to find the Wish Weaver; an old woman who weaves wishes into reality. Lessons abound for all of them as values are learned.

Journey Blue

Journey Blue is the 'Tim Burton-esque' tale of Blue; a young girl living in an extraordinary world. She sees a vision of a boy desperately trying to call out to her. Knowing she must reach him, she embarks on a perilous and bizarre journey with unusual friends through a land of Dali-level surrealism. 

The Lost Boy

A Neverland tale of a nine-year-old girl living in a children’s hospital as she battles cancer. She makes a new friend of a lady novelist who introduces her to the world of Peter Pan. The girl discovers how to use her imagination to get to Neverland where she has adventures with the Lost Boys, Mermaids, Redskins, and Captain Hook, before a magical ending changes her.


The Dragon Slayer’s Daughter

In a world where men and dragons have hated each other for a thousand years, a young girl and a baby dragon, both orphaned, become unlikely best friends.

Together they must teach the two races to end their wars and make peace before their world is destroyed and their races are both lost.

Other books by Dash Hoffman:

Destiny Undone: The God Particle Mission


The Zodiac Thief

The Universe Behind The World

The Exodus Resurrection

Voyager (series)

No. 6 Vulcan



More books always in the works!

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