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Site Navigation & A Bit About Moxie

Welcome to Got-Moxie!

Are you a regular globe trotter? Maybe you’ve gone on just a few trips, or perhaps you’ve only wished for it but haven’t ever gone anywhere… yet.

Got-Moxie is your doorway to the world.  Got-Moxie is your very best resource for just about any information you could possibly need to plan a trip, to find things when you are already out in the world, or to help you on the road when you need it most.  While Got-Moxie is geared toward women, it is definitely not exclusive! Everyone is welcome here- (Hi Guys!).

If you’ve never traveled before, or haven’t traveled internationally, start with First Time Traveler in Got-Moxie’s menu bar above, to figure out how traveling works and where to start. This is also where you should go if you need to know about traveling with kids.  Then, when you choose a city, be sure to look at the Moxie Minis tab on that city page for special kid friendly places to visit and games for your trip to keep the little ones busy and happy.

Who is Moxie, anyway?

In the 1930’s, a slang word became popular, describing women and girls with gumption. Moxie... it is defined as “force of character, determination, and nerve”. A girl with boldness and courage, and an independent streak that cannot be bound. A girl who makes the world accept her for who and what she is. In 2012 Got-Moxie was created to encourage women and girls to get out and explore, to travel the world, and to encourage them not to hold back, but to grab it all and never let go. After all... any girl who goes out traipsing around the globe has got to have some Moxie.

Got-Moxie is a world-wide travel resource and blog geared toward women of all ages. You’ll find tips and bits on traveling in most major cities in the world, along with destination specific book recommendations and the best spots to see off the beaten path. It is also the home of novelist Dash Hoffman; best known for turning a viral meme into a book and for writing whole novels in a week (more than 140 to date). It is travel, books, tea, wine, and coffee. The makings of a sublime experience. Come find your Moxie!

Destination Design

Got-Moxie is designed with Destination in mind. The list of cities in Moxie On The Go is your Navigator.  Choose a city and when you open that page, you open a world of knowledge. Each city has three core sections; City Info, Visiting, and Essentials.

City Info has useful details about annual weather and ecology, the local economy & monetary help, holidays and festivals, history and interviews with local people. 

Visiting is filled with all the goods you’ll need to know about, like Transportation & Maps, Lodging, Dining, Hot Spots to see, kid friendly places, Adventurous things to do, Local Language, even Swanky places and area churches. 

In Essentials you will find information on staying healthy in that location (can I drink the water, medical centers, insurance info, etc.), coupons for local businesses, technology information (electrical converter info, cell coverage, wi-fi cafe’s, etc.), where the embassies are, how to get emergency help, International Driver’s Permits, visas and passports, local laws that tourists should know and much more.  This is also where you’ll find a link to Moxie Cares; a program through which Got-Moxie donates money back to the community you choose to visit.

Why Moxie?

Got-Moxie was created because Moxie has talked with many women about trips that she has taken, and so many times those women have listened with wide eyes and said, “I want to go there, too! I’ve always wanted to see… but I don’t know…” and they list the things they aren’t sure about. Moxie believes that with the right tools, more women would feel confident about traveling and they’d have the information they need to go out into the world, to walk in the places they have dreamed about and see for themselves what they’ve loved in pictures and stories.  The word Moxie means “The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; aggressive energy, initiative, skill and know-how…”

It is your time. Go out into the world.

​You are smart. You are adventurous. You are resourceful.

You’ve Got-Moxie!​  

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